Month: August 2016

Holla on the Go: “Woof”

I was getting out of my car and walking to the parking meter to pay when two men in a pick up truck barked at me as they rode by. No words. Just barking.  

Holla on the Go: Gauntlet of Men

My roommate and I walked up to the liquor store to get beers. While getting beers out of the cooler a man repeatedly asked us where the party was and what street we lived on. We ignored him. At the register half a dozen young men were hanging out/checking out and one of them started … Continued

Chelle’s Story: “Wanna ride?”

During Ann Arbor Art Fair I walked through crowds. A group of men verbally harassed me. The first said, “I like your dress” the second said, “I like everything about you” and the third said “Wanna ride?” while gesturing to his groin. [got_back]

BFF Fest

Last weekend Hollaback! Detroit was a part of the amazing third annual BFF Fest. We facilitated a workshop on sharing stories of street harassment and how to respond to it and¬†joined in on some other workshops on deep listening and zine making (look out for a¬†Hollaback! Detroit zine coming soon). We also had the opportunity … Continued