Month: August 2017

Anna’s Story – “Hey, Red!”

[After Hollaback! Detroit’s presentation at the BFF Fest] …A guy, bearded/in his 50s, yelled, “Hey, Red!” At me while I walked to my car at 4:16 pm today. I ignored. Seriously….

Anon’s Story – “You’re So Gay…”

I was enjoying a show at [a local gallery and venue] & went to buy some beers for my friends & I. While standing, waiting for the bartender to notice me a man walks up and stands uncomfortably close to me and just starts saying hey on repeat until I acknowledge him. I say hey, and … Continued

Veronica’s Story: Drive Back

Me and two of my female friends were walking to a Mexican restaurant when a large SUV with 4 men let us cross the street. Before we got to the restaurant they had drove back around and started harassing us. Two of my friends explained using firm tone that their behavior was inappropriate they lingered … Continued