Who We Are

Hollaback! Detroit was started in 2016 by two sisters who were fed up with feeling uncomfortable in public spaces in their city.

A lifelong Metro Det20160509_132138roiter, Brooke became a Hollaback! Detroit site leader while pursuing her masters of social justice from Marygrove College. Having taught middle and high school English for six years, most of her early activism was around public education in the state, but she shifted her focus after experiencing a higher frequency of street harassment when returning to the service industry. When she’s not smashing the patriarchy, Brooke may be found rescuing dogs, binge watching television shows, or napping.


BreaBrea is a twenty-something year old local artist. She lives in Detroit and is tired of getting catcalled in the city because people are ruthless and aggressively rude. Aside from Hollabacking, Brea fights the patriarchy through her anti-street harassment paintings and custom handmade shirts. The only catcalls that she enjoys are from her two rescue kitties.