Anon’s Story: “I Got a Wife in the Car”

My sister and I were walking to the liquor store by her house. After a lovely exchange with a male employee who was helping us pick out something to drink, we go to check out. While we are interacting with the cashier and figuring out who owes how much, a man behind us starts to get upset. Apparently he had been trying to talk to us by repeatedly saying, “How are you tonight?” After exchanging confused looks with the cashier, we leave in a hurry. Another man comes out after us yelling, “Hey, hey, hey.” For some reason his tone seemed different and I checked my bag and realized I had left my keys. This means we have to go back inside and deal with our harasser again. He then lectures us on how we were rude and he had “a wife in the car” and just wanted to see how our night was and talk about my sister’s tattoos. I’m tired of men feeling entitled to my time.