Anon’s Story – “You’re So Gay…”

I was enjoying a show at [a local gallery and venue] & went to buy some beers for my friends & I. While standing, waiting for the bartender to notice me a man walks up and stands uncomfortably close to me and just starts saying hey on repeat until I acknowledge him. I say hey, and he asks what Im doing. “Waiting for a drink,” I say. He replies with “Ive got something you can drink.” I ignored this they way I usually do. Stupidly I had my ID On the counter, he glances at it and says, ” Im 3months older than you, thats good, I like being the older one.” To this I laughed a little at his sheer oblivious self-entitlement. “Whats so funny?” I say “age is arbitrary, you’re clearly far less mature despite your 90 head start in existence.” He looked kind of confused, then amused and smiles to say, “You’re so gay!” I quickly retort with a single word: “Literally.”
Sadly rather than the triumphant conclusion I imagined where I walk away with his confused slack jaw in my wake, I have to stand there for another 10 minutes waiting on my drink order. All the while half hearing his opinion on the clear lack of “good in bed men” Ive dated. Right dude, spot on, thats why…. (eye roll) defeated once again.