Brandon’s Story: “Keep your effing head up”

I was at the McDonald’s on Woodward next to Hopcat. A young lady got in line and was looking down at her phone. Even though she never looked up she felt the presence of someone looking over her shoulder at her phone. I watched an employee steadily make her more and more uncomfortable until she put her phone down. He still didn’t stop glancing at her. I saw her body language getting more and more tense. I simply walked over and asked her if I could stand next to her. I didn’t wait for a response. I stood between the line of sight of the employee and the young lady. Her first thought was probably “ah man I’m surrounded!”. I simply stood there with my hands clasped together in front of my belt staring directly at the employee. Funny, he quickly lost interest undressing the girl when he realized he had to address me to do it. I let the change in atmosphere clearly set, then calmly asked
“Do you have any idea how uncomfortable that makes a person?”.
“What?” he hesitated.
“Do you have any ideas how uncomfortable that makes a person?”
“Staring at them like that….”
“Who you talking to”
“No one. You aren’t listening”

He clearly felt confronted and was going to escalate the situation further. My point was made. His actions towards the female HUMAN BEING had changed. I gave her a gentle word of encouragement and never looked back. Without looking back, I knew he wasn’t undressing her anymore.

To the real men. Don’t be intimidated by this punk. Don’t feel obligated to fight. Do what’s right and let him expose himself. To the women, I’m sorry. As a large black man I know what unconscious bias is. I know what its like to almost not feel like going somewhere to avoid certain looks. Keep your fucking head up. These punks will have their rewards for their actions. There are real men out there I promise.