Brea’s Story: “Sexy Cute”

I went to the Bronx Bar in midtown with a few coworkers for a couple drinks and to play some pool after a long shift. It was after everyone was winding down and I was sitting at the bar with one of my female coworkers having a conversation when some man decided it would be a good idea to interject his body between us while we were talking. We immediately quit talking and looked at him to see what his problem was. “Oh just trying to order a drink.”
Even though there was plenty of bar space to the right of our conversation. So that’s when I knew things were going to take a turn. We tried to continue when he interrupted with some sort of drunken version of “I’ve got a compliment for you…blah blah blah blah blah… you’re sexy cute.” in my direction. Appalled because it was uncalled for and unexpected seeing as we were in the middle of a conversation which he had already interrupted with his body BUT now has the audacity to ruin with his words. Anyways my coworker then tries to explain to him that hes making me uncomfortable and he just can’t and won’t try to understand that because “hes just trying to compliment me”, but jesus christ not everyone walks around looking for stranger’s validation.
Long story short, my girl had my back super hard and didn’t even pour a drink on him even though she wanted to. We all wanted to.
And then the bar tender comes up to us as I’m yelling “nobody asked you to compliment me!”
“Whats the problem here?”
“This guy is hitting on me and I don’t like it.”
And oh boy was I prepared to be asked to leave because you know bars but wow was I surprised when the bar tender was like, okay well then hes gonna have to go.

So hey yeah everyone go to the Bronx because they’re the shit and we need all the allies and that was super important.