Bystander Intervention

Hollaback! Detroit is now offering in-person Bystander Intervention Trainings for local groups and organizations. Trainings can be tailored for groups of 10-40 people and to last 1, 1.5, or 2 hours. We will cover what our organization is, what harassment is, and how to execute the 4 Ds of bystander intervention: direct, distract, delegate, and delay.


To request a training for your organization, please fill out this form.

3 responses to “Bystander Intervention

  1. I am interested in more information about Active Bystander Intervention Training in the metro Detroit area but I wasn’t able to open the form linked above.

  2. Worldie is a registered nonprofit in Detroit and we support standing up for others – including online and through social media for the future!

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