Category: Racist

Shae’s Story: “What are you doing over here?”

Walking home from work about 11:30 p.m. turn down the side street to get to my house which is only about 3 blocks away from 9 Mile. A tall bald guy comes out of the bar. He says to me “hey you what are you doing over here?” I say “I’m going home” he says … Continued

Anon’s Story: “Yelling Random Noises”

My roommate and I were getting some take out. As we get out of the car, two men in the backseat of a van started yelling random noises at us. Then one of them yelled, “Woooo, white people!” To which I accurately yelled back, “I’m not white, dumbass.”

Brea’s Story: “A Car Full of Men”

Decided to help my friend close the coffee shop early so we could get to a party on time, which lead me to offer to take the garbage to the dumpster. The dumpster is two blocks down from the shop, and I make it about half a block down before a car full of men … Continued