Jules’s Story: “I just told you that so I could look at your ass.”

It was christmas eve and I stopped at a gas station to get some water and advil. Holidays, y’all When I was waiting in line, the cashier told the woman that she could get the same bottle of alcohol with a shot glass on top. So she went over and got the new one. She had to bend over to get it. The cashier said, “I just told you that so I could look at your ass.” She laughed in response, but I could tell she was super uncomfortable. Three other guys were standing there and laughed. They also commented that they also took a look.

I stood there, not feeling the safest calling them out since there were so many other dudes. So I visibly frowned and stared at the cashier. He said, “hey she isn’t too happy, c’mon it’s Christmas Eve.” I decided to say, “well you didn’t have her consent to do that and it’s not cool.” I felt better knowing that at least someone was trying to hold them accountable, but I felt so disappointed in all those other guys who legitimized it and laughed along.