Brooke’s Story: “This is how I die”

I was driving home from my sister’s house when my Low Tire Pressure light comes on; this usually foreshadows a flat tire. Luckily my grandpa believes in being prepared and I remembered the portable air compressor he gave me last year. I’m close to the Eastern Marker area, so I head there to pull over and fill up my tire, figuring it would still be well lit and decently populated. I totally forgot today was the Detroit Lions tailgate though, so it was full of drunk people. As I’m filling up my tire and checking the pressure, a clearly drunk man rolling a cooler behind him comes up behind me. I can’t hear him over the compressor, but I can feel him leering at me and can assume the types of things he’s saying. When I turn off the compressor to move it to another tire, I hear the tail end of “…sexy as hell.” Clearly, ignoring him wasn’t going to work, so I responded with, “Leave me the fuck alone!” He then mumbles some more lewd things along with “Leave you the fuck alone, huh?” And at that point I think to myself, “This is how I die.” My car was out of commission and my cell phone was dead. My only option if he decided to attack me was hoping I could outrun him and that bystanders would care. Luckily, he just kept hobbling on his way.

This just further proves that street harassment isn’t about complimenting or trying to pick up women. Someone with that intent would have offered to help me with my car. This was solely about making me feel as uncomfortable and objectified as possible.