Nicole B.’s Story: “He made me feel dirty and as if I were easy and for sale”

A few weeks ago a “friend” let an older coworker know that I had my nipples pierced. Later that day, I was at work with the coworker who had been told about my piercings, he started to ask me to see my breasts. When he was told NO, he decided that it was okay to offer me pills in exchange for a view. Once again I told him no and started to become uncomfortable. He then tried to buy me with a pop, by saying, “I’ll buy you a pop if you show me those piercings.” I told him that he needed to leave me alone and he walked away for all of ten minutes. When he came back he had the audacity to ask me why I had them pierced if I wasn’t going to show him, as if my life revolved around his or any man’s pleasure. He then proceeded to ask me for a picture, because I had to have one. Once again I told him NO. He laughed off my disinterest and said, “Well I guess I’ll have to get you drunk to get you to take your clothes off for me.” At this point I called my boss to ask to be sent home. When I told my boss what happened, I was shocked that he was not concerned about the seriousness of the situation. This man made me feel like he was going to sexually assault me. He made me feel dirty and as if I were easy and for sale. This man should have taken NO for an answer. NO should have been enough. NO should have been enough. NO SHOULD HAVE BEEN ENOUGH!!

Following this incident, he tried to get me fired, no repercussions were taken on him, and I was forced to work with him in that same environment again. It was not taken seriously. It was not properly addressed.