Shannon’s Story: “She’s hotter anyways”

At a bachelorette party this weekend, the girls and I were going club hopping. The other girls started talking to two guys who were staying at the same hotel as us; Mind you, they were trying to get the guys to buy the bride drinks which isn’t great to begin with, but the guys found out that we were at the same hotel and got the number of one of the girls.

Back at the hotel, they texted her to hang out. She was in the bathroom at the time. Another girl responded on her phone with the room number and the guys showed up. I answered the door and tried to explain to the guys that she was in the bathroom. The other girls laughed in the background as one came to the door to tell them that everyone was sleeping. They told us that they heard laughter but she responded with, “They’re laughing in their sleep.” I apologized and told the guys that they had to leave and as they were leaving one said to the other, “Well, you got Katie’s number? She’s hotter anyways,” as if putting down our looks was damaging and going to make us regret the situation.