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Shae’s Story: “What are you doing over here?”

Walking home from work about 11:30 p.m. turn down the side street to get to my house which is only about 3 blocks away from 9 Mile. A tall bald guy comes out of the bar. He says to me “hey you what are you doing over here?” I say “I’m going home” he says … Continued

Anon’s Story – “You’re So Gay…”

I was enjoying a show at [a local gallery and venue] & went to buy some beers for my friends & I. While standing, waiting for the bartender to notice me a man walks up and stands uncomfortably close to me and just starts saying hey on repeat until I acknowledge him. I say hey, and … Continued

Brea’s Story: “Sexy Cute”

I went to the Bronx Bar in midtown with a few coworkers for a couple drinks and to play some pool after a long shift. It was after everyone was winding down and I was sitting at the bar with one of my female coworkers having a conversation when some man decided it would be … Continued

Jordan’s Story: “Hey Ladies!”

As I walked a friend to her parked car across the street from a neighborhood bar around midnight, a group of 3 young men walking in our direction began to call out to us “Hey! Hey Ladies!” Ignoring the men, my friend and I rolled our eyes about the calls and quickly finished our goodbyes. … Continued