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Veronica’s Story: Drive Back

Me and two of my female friends were walking to a Mexican restaurant when a large SUV with 4 men let us cross the street. Before we got to the restaurant they had drove back around and started harassing us. Two of my friends explained using firm tone that their behavior was inappropriate they lingered … Continued

Anon’s Story: “Yelling Random Noises”

My roommate and I were getting some take out. As we get out of the car, two men in the backseat of a van started yelling random noises at us. Then one of them yelled, “Woooo, white people!” To which I accurately yelled back, “I’m not white, dumbass.”

Anon’s Story: “Second Time I’ve Been Verbally Harassed Here”

I was outside just minding my own business, when this green, 1997 Saturn sedan full of young adults drove past and one man smiled and yelled, “F*CKIN’ B*TCH!” while the female companion in the back smiled nicely and did nothing, and then drove off. This is the second time I have been verbally harassed while … Continued

Brea’s Story: “A Car Full of Men”

Decided to help my friend close the coffee shop early so we could get to a party on time, which lead me to offer to take the garbage to the dumpster. The dumpster is two blocks down from the shop, and I make it about half a block down before a car full of men … Continued